Kirsi Neuvonen Frida Kahlo's Hunting Gown by Kirsi Neuvonen. "I am a Poor Little Deer" reads the banner near the top of this plate, referring to Frida Kahlo

The Finnish sculptor Miina Äkkijyrkkä purchases dozens of used vehicles from dealers around Finland and uses them to create enormous cow sculptures!

"Olennainen" Painting by Samuli Heimonen

Jarmo Mäkilä: 'The Boy changed into stag Clamours at the Gate of Secrets', 2009 Oil on canvas Finland

Ilkka Lammi

Blocked exit - Ilkka Lammi , 2000 Finnish, 1976 - 2000 Oil on canvas, 130 x 105 cm.

Miina Äkkijyrkkä's wooden sculpture, Power-Bull (size 16 x 6 x 12 meters)

Three words describing Samuli Heimonen and his paintings: Finnish, dark, and twisted.