Aaltvedt Allé belegningsstein, avsluttet med Aaltvedt dekorstein.

Pavers of a few different small sizes mix with river stone to create a rich effect, simply executed.

Trädgårdsflow.blogspot.ca  -  great path, just got a bunch of small stones that i can use and so i just need the gravel...

pathway idea ~ bigger stones keep the gravel in place, gravel allows rain water to drain through. great idea for the path to the vegetable garden

Old wheel barrel planter

Wheelbarrow Planters - Reuse Re Purpose Recycle

My sister has a wheelbarrow planter in her yard.We usually share every plant and bulb, but there was only wheelbarrow.I'm still searching for an old one to use as a planter for my yard.

Mini greenhouse for herbs from window? pane

little greenhouse.old windows & concrete blocks. Old windows work awesome in the garden.