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a black pillow with colorful embroidered flowers on it
Satumetsä-tyyny (9380)
an embroidered piece with flowers and leaves on the side, in bright blue color scheme
Kukkaketo-seinätekstiili (8386)
an image of a colorful design on a black background with circles and stars in the center
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Seinävaatteen keskeinen rataskuvio läheltä
several different colored pieces of fabric on top of each other with stitching in the middle
joulukuu | 2012
Lähikuva keskirattaasta
a pair of slippers that are on top of a wooden floor with embroidered designs
Perinteistä villakirjontaa
Rekipeitto embroidery
two spools of thread are sitting next to a colorful pillow with embroidered designs on it
Comunidade de arte e artesanato
great colors
a heart shaped piece of yarn is being stitched on the floor with a needle
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve (2014)
some type of embroidery stitchs are shown in black and white, with the words embroidery stitches
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Embroidery stitches:
an image of a blue and red cloth with circles in the center, on top of it
Myyty! Ei ilmoitusta.
Fin-Helen, Rekipeitto, vintage cotton fabric
the purse is hanging on the wall
Pohjanmaa | Osta ja myy | Tori
Laihian kansallispuku
three different types of fabric with writing on them
an image of a colorful embroidered object
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Yksityiskohta kulmarattaasta
two black mittens with small houses on them
Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria