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I got in trouble for not cleaning out my pets cage but I did all the chores yesterday and today and I was working on homework. I'm like MOM DAD STOP PRESSURING ME IM 13 THIS IS THE PART WHERE IM EVEN MORE CONFUSED AND STRESSED AND INSECURE THE LAST THING I NEED IS FOR YOU TO YELL AT ME FOR THE ONE THING I DIDNT DO

This is really the truth. I try so hard to prove to my parents that I'm smart and involved. I try to prove so hard that I'm thankful of everything they've done. 17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy


There was one guy named Zander who asked if I played any sports and i said figure skating and the idiot didn't believe me. A couple months later he showed up at the rink with his brother and i had just landed my axle and i was like "HECK YEAH"

Thomas Creek>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any other rink

More like all the figure skating people at the rink. Im an only child, and the one younger girl is like a sister to me

Funny figure skating

My reaction when I see this "Oh gosh this is so me" I hate when I have to do this, and it happens all the time to me.