Tommi Minkkinen

Tommi Minkkinen

Tommi Minkkinen
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Keiji Kosaka - Reconciliation in the Midst of Discontinuity

Keiji Kosaka - Reconciliation in the Midst of Discontinuity

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The Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. At square feet, the museum is New York City's second largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly million works.

Magnolia Tree

Home of 10964 - The Palisades NY Newsletter and comprehensive community resource for Palisades, New York.

IKEA plastic

Ida-Marie Corell's Ikea bag installation/dress is one of many plastic bag works in the exhibit 'Oh, Plastiksack!' at the Gewerbemuseum thru June Other artists include Luzinterruptus, Nils Völker, and Simon Monk. Murray oh another use!

Tande: Surtout pas se taire...Remembering 01.12.10 through Art

Remembering through Art

Haitian Art

Haitian art is a complex tradition reflecting African, French, Catholic, and tribal and Vodou roots. It is an important representation of Haitian culture and history. Many artists cluster in ‘scho…

Haitian Art, Random Pictures, Jasmine

Punk Art, Random Pictures

Occupy - zoltron

The occupy movement still has life in it.

cactifari - zoltron

A very cool artist named Zoltron a long time ago, made a raku sculpture and planted a cactus in it's head. and over time, it grew to full follicular rastafari proportions.