Mini Dachshunds ~ Alice Apple

Mini Dachshund - Vintage 60s Yellow Folk Floral

Straw weaving. This is fun. I did this with all my fifth grade classes this past school year. They loved it! Sucking the yarn through the straws got a lot of giggles! :) Easy project! "Over, under, over, under...go around & do the same thing again on the other side!" Tip: Don't get the straws that bend at the top! Good idea for basic preposition craft.

DIY straw weaving loom: Weave the yarn over and under the straws. Keep the weaving as tight as possible. As the straws become wrapped in yarn, slide the straws down to re-expose them. Continue weaving until your piece reaches the desired length.

Such a cool art project for kids! Make pictures with yarn instead of paint!

Yarn Painting

Such a cool art project for kids! Cut contact paper to size, everyone creates their own yarn painting and then arranged into collage on wood or canvas with quote beneath?

Lion Puppet

hand puppet - This lion puppet is so cute! and complete instructions are given for making him (and two other animals) at Doorway Puppet Show-Felt Hand Puppets Tutorial

Un coussin comme un poisson rouge

Wool/felt animal pillows.

wool (or felt) animal pillows? I bet I know a cutie pie who would love this fox pillow

Sydän ystävänauha


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