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a yellow background with an image of the words in different languages
a person sitting on top of a mountain
a frog sitting on top of a wooden post in the middle of water with other frogs swimming
an image of a butterfly with a quote in the middle that says, mia enceminan orti
Karma, Text
there are two bikes parked next to each other in the grass with words written on them
purple flowers sitting on top of a white wooden table next to a sign that says,
Minä riitän
a quote from tommy tabernan on the theme of an old tree in winter
a pink flower sitting on top of a lush green field with the words, kum anat anteeksi parnet, kunn paastat
a cup filled with leaves sitting on top of a table
the words are written in russian and english on lavender flowers, with an image of a woman
there is a jar with some flowers in it and a quote on the wall behind it