Iittala | Sarjaton

Iittala pastel colored tableware Sarjaton - Little girl’s hair, baskets and rugs. The Finns have been braiding since forever. Enjoy it in the embossed bowls and mugs.

A collection of a variety of Alvar Aalto glass containers.

thedesignhoarder: “ post number twenty six - aalto vases Here is part of my iittala Aalto vase collection. The Aalto vase was originally designed.

Moomin mug collection (absolutely wishing to be able to do this in my future home)

Moomin mug collection all you Moomin collectors this is a great way to display your wonderful collection.

.Kastehelmi tea lights in jewel like colours always bring a magical touch of Hygge...

Beautiful Kastehelmi tea lights with the classic Aalto vase, so pretty and atmospheric.

CIRKUS: Autumn decoration. Iittala Nappula - candle holder and little Vitriini - box.

Iittala Nappula - candle holder a pure and simple gift for Christmas or anytime of year.


Should have bought one of these beautiful iittala Glass boxes when I was in Amsterdam last year.