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In ur cupboards, stealing ur cookies! • There's a Jeremy Renner gif for ever occasion..

The elusive Hawkeye bird, hopping around in a new environment. The Hawkeye bird generally resides in a quiet nest area at Stark towers, in the highest location possible.

Add Sherlock saying something along the lines of "You're not a monster, you're an alien. Now shut up we have a case to solve." Them Dean muttering an insult and the doctor secretly smiling. AHHHH DAMNIT I gave myself more feels

Team Freewill investigating a supernatural matter that is actually an alien from another world. The Doctor intervenes.


What if Sherlock deduced Dean? <<<< Oh I am hurt. I am very much hurt <----- I'm in pain

I'm still playing "I Can't Believe It's Not Canon!" Are you?

I'm still playing "I Can't Believe It's Not Canon!<< oh but me dear it is canon, it was in the script for dean to say "I love you" to cas. But Jensen said that dean wouldn't come right out and say it, so he said "we're family cas"

Big brother Dean

Hi, nice to meet ya. Dean Winchester, righteous man and paranoid bastard


Don't sell your soul to Crowley. We literally have ten seasons of a TV show explaining why we shouldn't do that. But I would still do it if he gives me Destiel

Ow, my feelings! *edit* having watched - Dean! You really need to get your Cas-related shit straight.///this is why is ship it