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This is so true!! I love Viggo!

Reasons why Viggo was/is the perfect actor for Aragorn. I believe he was also offered a chance to be in the Hobbit films but HE REFUSED because it wasn't canon!

kristen is actually a pretty good actress, its just that in the book it literally says bella shows no emotions, kristen acually played the part perfectly and is hated for it

I don't hate Kristen Stewart. I hate Bella Swan.<< and the entire Twilight series too lol<< I like the twilight books the movies are "ok"

This scene literally breaks me every time and how boromir holds frodo back reminds me of Remus holding back Harry in OotP in the department of mysteries.

I think Orlando Bloom did such a good job of playing Legolas, and the death of Gandalf was such an important part of the film. To see death for the first time, he really portrayed it well, I think.