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white flowers are growing in front of a log cabin with an old fashioned window and door
Goat's Beard (Aruncus dioicus) ~ shade perennial that blooms in early summer
some pink flowers that are growing in the grass
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Oriental Poppy 'Plum Pudding'
three yellow flowers with green leaves in the background
~Clematis cirrhosa 'Ourika Valley'(creamy lemon)
a garden filled with lots of purple flowers
Plant combinations: Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower), Anise Hyssop, Sedum Autumn Joy, Agastache 'Black Adder', Monarda 'Vintage Vine'
some very pretty white flowers in the grass
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Ammi visnaga 'Casablanca' Bishop's Flower
white flowers growing on the side of a wooden fence in a green field with tall grass
Sarah Raven - All you need for a beautiful & productive garden
Ammi Majus (Bishop's flower) has lacy, white flowers, like a more delicate form of cow parsley. Ammi Majus is the best white filler-foliage plant you can grow and spectacular arranged in a great cloud on its own. It forms larger, more prolific plants from an autumn sowing.
white flowers with green leaves and blue dots in the center are all over the ground
Queen Anne's Lace
some very pretty purple flowers in the grass
papaver laurens grape
Papaver 'Lauren's Grape' poppy
some white and red flowers are in the grass
Allium atropurpureum, Allium nigrum
purple flowers and other plants in a garden
Dahlia 'Karma Lagoon' Lythrum salicaria, Persicaria 'Firetail', Lobelia vedrariensis , mixed summer border, Mountain Fleece, Purple Loosestrife
tall grass and wildflowers are in the foreground, with other plants behind them
Stipa tenuissima - pony tails or angel hair ( syn. Stipa tenuifolia )
Stipa tenuissima, Allium sphaerocephalon, Helenium, Achillea
a stone path is lined with plants and rocks
host, boxwood, fern in a green foliage border...
pink flowers with green leaves in the foreground and blurry back ground behind them
Aquilegia 'Clementine Red'