Every summer we Finns go and wash our rugs at the cabin or somewhere else! Mattopyykillä! (Mökillä)

Mökillä - Finnish carpets - traditionally woven from scraps of left-over material called 'trasmattor'. My grandmother and some of her Finnish neighbors had a loom in a garage and they used to make rugs like these.

Kiikkalainen räsymatto

I love the easel idea for a rug display; use as a fireplace screen in the off-season.

Liljan Lumo: Farkkumatto nimeltään Meri. Rag Rug made from old jeans (denim) and named as the Sea. Designed and knitted by Tiina Lilja/ Liljan Lumo

Liljan Lumo: Rag rug knitted by using old jeans and named as the Sea. Knitted and designed by Tiina Lilja/ Liljan Lumo

Lämmintä oranssia

Liljan Lumo: Orange rag rug designed and made by Liljan Lumo/ Tiina Lilja Oranssi räsymatto terassille.

Aurinkoinen keittion matto

Aurinkoinen keittion matto