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two mason jars filled with pine cones and candles
Christmas crafts. This is so simple but so beautiful.
a fence made out of logs and nails on the ground with grass growing around it
Wattle Fence
My mom lived on a farm way back in the country in upstate Pennsylvania in the early 1920's - she told me about this kind of fence and how she and her brothers made it. How to make a wattle fence
a fence made out of branches and sticks
How to make a woven wicket fence...
a fireplace with ornaments hanging from it's mantle
NIB - Norske interiørblogger
Christmas --- If you don't have room for a big tree, what a great idea this is. Hang a pole or tension rod and suspend your ornaments from it.
an old book with the title rukaataa written in english and japanese on it
Rakennusperinteen ystävien Verkkopuoti
Rakennusperinteen ystävien Verkkopuoti
a split rail fence with grass and trees in the background
Definitions – music & dance
swedish fence - Google Search
an old wooden fence in the woods
Wooden fence in the forest
Swedish Fence - add third stick down center of post to weave short sticks to create space for diagonals.... interesting
an old wooden arbor in the middle of a garden
Wooden entry gate
Wooden gate & Arbor