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an open bible with colorful words on it
a hand holding up a paper with words on it
an open bible with the names of jesus and numbers written in different colors on it
an open bible with the names of jesus and numbers written on it in different colors
an image of the bible's words and their meanings
Strong Armor
Strong Armor: June 2013
the ten characteristics of faith on a white background
Walks With My Father
Christ Follower, People Encourager, Web Evangelist on an Adventure with God, My Heavenly Father. :)
a paper with some writing on it and someone's handwritten notes in the background
Scripture Journal Tips... Labeling Pictures
This is one of my favorite things to do in my scripture journal Labeling Pictures Because if there is one thing that the world needs to know about me… is that I am a VERY visual learner. Verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy. In fact, if you TELL me a story during a lesson… don’t ask me a question about …
an open bible with the words finding help in the bible written on it's pages
a poster with some words and pictures on the front page, including an image of jesus
Tips for Effective Scripture Study | Scripture study, Scripture study lds, Family scripture study
Scripture reading challenge
30 challenges to help you rediscover the scriptures in a whole new way. Grab it in my Market at
an open bible on top of a cutting board next to a pencil and ruler with the words, all things christ which straightens in me
Illustrated faith, scripture marking, lds, Book of Mormon, bible
a cell phone with an image of some writing and pictures on the screen, as well as text
Scripture Study Tips & Tricks
LDS Planners for Moms: Scripture Study Tips & Tricks