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an image of someone trying to use the texting on their cell phone that says, when i'm overstimulated and someone tries to comfort me
Mindfulness, People, Zitate, Personality, Mood, Literally
Feelings, Thoughts, Zebras, Motivation, Leopard, Self, Ord
a hand holding a pink megaphone with the words direct communication is the only communication
a tweet that reads, it's so irritating when you describe a symptn to someone and they go i think we all do that
Stimulating Memes For People Who Can't Pay Attention
Welcome to the club 💖💖 : aspiememes Divergent, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Adhd Anxiety, Autistic Memes
Welcome to the club 💖💖
Welcome to the club 💖💖 : aspiememes
Autistic People, Autism Spectrum
Is anyone else like this too?
an ad for the new neurodiver experience is shown in this image, which appears to be from your self
two different types of the same brain
32 Pics And Memes For The Exquisite Minds
two men standing next to each other in front of a brain with the caption saying slaps roof my brain this bad boy can fit so many intrusive
49 Wholesome Memes, A Little Bit Too Good To Be True