Minttu Saukko

Minttu Saukko

Minttu Saukko
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crystal wind chime

I'm thinking I can make these for my garden with some little dollar store grapevine wreaths, string, and a bag of inexpensive broken jewelry from the thrift store. Or crystals from an old chandelier.

DIY Bath Mat, I need to make this since the bathroom has destroyed our old one... I'm certain we have some towels we could donate to the project!

Towel bath rugs DIY w Ideas, Instructions & Supplies. Make a gorgeous bathroom flooring - area rug. Free shag rug pattern for yr own luxury bathroom mats.

Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden | Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Don& have much space to grow your favorite plants? Try building a vertical garden like this one, designed by Susie Frazier. Using salvaged wood, threaded rods and bolts, and a handful of mason jars, you can construct a simple hanging planter to add