outdoor shower.

Home Tour: A Jewelry Designer's Bohemian Malibu Home

in the sauna

country house sauna with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley

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35 Awesome Steam Rooms For Modern House: 35 Awesome Steam Rooms For Modern House With Glass Door And And Wooden Steam Room Vanity And Bathtub


Surfside House was completed in June 2008 by the Bridgehampton based studio Stelle Architects. This fabulous two story beachside house has been remodelled, the

Minimal #marble

large format tiles in shower Gallery of inspirational imagery and photos from around the world: Remodelista

Home Sauna

We have fallen in love with the gorgeous bath creations of award winning German design firm Bagno Sasso. Bagno Sasso serves clients world wide by providing

It's not a great pool if there's not a great sauna. I don't know about the white paint though.

Back to Nature: A Wilderness Cabin in Finland

a sauna appliance? Four-Cornered Villa, Avanto Architects, sauna, light gray wood-panelled room with wooden planks