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a woman with a flower tattoo on her arm
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a woman laying in bed with her arm covered by floral designs on the sleeves and arms
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a woman's arm with flowers on it
I really like how there are other "sprigs" of what looks like a plant similar to Juniper barely peeking out from behind the big blooms on this tattoo(towards the top right). I would love the juniper and lavender in my design to be similar (complimentary, but not the main focus).
a woman's hand with flowers on it and a tattoo design on the wrist
Armenian Tattoos And Meanings
a black and white paw print on the back of a woman's shoulder
Lovely paw print tattoo
a woman's arm with flowers on it and the words love written in black ink
Tattooing in a private studio in Kiev&travel Bali 15.01-26.01 ✈️ ready for road Booking: v.shevchenkott@gmail.com
an animal paw print with hearts on it
Paw print tattoo with a heart #Tattoo #PawPrintTatto