finlandia : vodka-bottles - tapio wirkkala #FinlandiaVodka #Finlandia #Vodka

finlandia : vodka-bottles - tapio wirkkala didn't know Wirkkala designed it. I've always thought it was beautiful…gg

Mustikkamaito <3 Blueberries in milk. I remember having this as a child on my Aunt and Uncle's farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

previous pinner: Mustikkamaito (in Finnish) Blueberries in milk. I remember having this as a child on my Aunt and Uncle's farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This cheese is a specialty of Finland & Lapland. It is a round cheese made from cow's or reindeer's milk. The curds are drained and pressed into a flat, wooden platter with a rim. Then placed in front of the fire until the outer layer is "toasted". The cheese looks like bread,thus the name "cheese bread". Finnish mothers used to offer a slice of juustoleipa and a cup of coffee to their daughters’ suitors: if a man liked the cheese, he married the girl.)

Juustoleipa has a sweet flavor, especially toward its brown crust where it has been caramelized.

Mannapuuro (semolina porridge). | 42 Traditional Finnish Foods That You Desperately Need In Your Life

Mannapuuro (semolina porridge).

Cloudberry desert

A Swedish treat. Soured milk with preserved cloudberries and muesli. Cloudberry is often referred to as the yellow gold of “Norrland” It is a deliciously tasting berry that grows in mires and marshes.

Traditional Saami wear ~ Lapland.  They have such amazing wool tunics (clearly prepared for the worst norwegian winters) and their boots are really nice too. I'd probably wear this with jeans instead of reindeer pelt pants.

Gakti are the traditional Sami costumes. Men's gákti have a shorter "jacket-skirt" than a women's long dress.

Lapin leipäjuusto | Paistokset | Pirkka #food #Finland

Leipäjuusto, a traditional cheese from Lapland, Finland. How to prepare it as dessert: Warm it up in the oven until it starts to melt, serve with cloudberry jam.

Poronkäristys Sauteed reindeer. This is yummy!

poronkäristys - sauteed reindeer (a traditional dish in Lapland)

Many regard berry-picking as an outdoor activity and a hobby that continues at home with jam-making and preserving, with delicious results to be stored in the cellar or freezer. It’s something you can continue to enjoy all winter long. Finns are berry enthusiasts and woodland gourmets. And everything’s completely organic and environmentally friendly – the natural way.

Kuksa - wooden mug from Lapland, Finland, filled with Lingonberries (puolukka) and Blueberries (mustikka).


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