Finger knitting is very addictive and children love it for its simplicity and ease.

Finger Knit

Little Bird School of Stitchcraft: Finger Knitting For kids and adults. Great way to get kids interested in crafting and improving finger dexterity.

Bunny from a square

Easter Bunny from a knitted square--this is not the original tutorial, but shows all the steps in one picture. Original tutorial from Jo So and Sew. I an easily do this, have done the squares already!

Know your wool!

got wool - the different kinds. So weird, my boyfriend and I were just discussing last night why Angora goats make Merino wool. Came from a animal.

Finger knitting

This was fun and really fast (since I'm used to normal knitting) and it made a cute, really thin scarf. I actually made mine really long so I could double the thickness and then I turned it into an infinity scarf. Not bad :)

easy knittted slipper, free pattern | Anny May

Easy-to-do Knitting Slipper Pattern – AnnyMay DIY Craft Supplies Shop

Helpot kädenlämmittimet.

If you can do a gauge swatch, you can make these wristers! You just knit a square piece with a bit of ribbing then sew up the side leaving a hole for your thumb. I need to learn how to knit so that I can do this!

Punomo - käsityö verkossa - Neulonta - VASENKÄTINEN - RISTIKKÄIN LUOMINEN

Punomo - käsityö verkossa - Neulonta - VASENKÄTINEN - RISTIKKÄIN LUOMINEN