Morning in Teijo,*eswendel on deviantart

Morning in Teijo, Finland with an amazing green wood and river shot

Just for one day, to be 10 years old again and at our Lake House in Deep Creek, Maryland. Now this is a memory that is cherished.

Summer on the dock -- dangling feet in the water and sharing secrets with your best friend. ruralgirl: (via Summer & Garden)

Finland, this looks so lovely and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle

Planting these European birch trees in my yard!

Terassikausi on avattu! Katso Meidän Mökin upea kuvakooste suomalaisten mökkiterasseista.

Cottage homes arrive in a range of styles which range from sophisticated beach cottage to charming country themes. Throw some personal belongings in, .

swedish summer What Dad remembered from his youth, And painted the "cottage" red and white

Finnish summer cottage - nature and simple living

Sea house, Finland  <3

Another poster wrote, "I can se this from my livingroom window! Its at the Aland Island, Finland which is my home :)"

beautiful. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland submitted by vonmeer

Finnish summer cottage / Kesämökki

2016 project is to finnish that patio to my summer cottage.

Island holiday in Finland! Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland - Imgur

Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland

Tumbledown log cabin, middle of a lake, Finland. Literally all I want. Level it ,patch it up a bit and I could happily spend all summer here !

Finland -Asko Kuittinen

Finland by Asko Kuittinen

Stunning sunset view in Finland

Sältningskär by Barbro Eriksson - Åland Finland

Sältingskär i Föglö skärgård, Åland by Barbro Eriksson

Sauna by the lake. Finland

Sauna by the lake.

Summer cottage - Finns have more than 100.000 lakes, and plenty of summer cottages.

There are some lakes in Finland, almost all have summer cottages beside them. Finns love nature, the peace and quiet by their lakes, visiting their cottages most weekends in summer and especially during the holiday month of July.

South Coast Finland Hanko Path of love

South Coast Finland Hanko Path of love

Yyteri, Pori, Finland - so beautiful!

Yyteri beach, Pori, Finland - so beautiful!

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Hymn to cottage life

What a lovely summer cottage in Finland