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an ornament shaped like a gnome with a heart on it's chest
Как сделать Деда Мороза из бумаги?
an iphone screen with the words in different languages
an image of a phone screen with the words in english and spanish on it,
a bunch of cards that are on the floor
Jouluisia riimiarvoituksia
a young boy is running in front of a red chair and snowman on the yellow background
Peppu irti penkistä joulukalenteri
a poster with the words arvoitusia written in different languages
Arvoituksia - 30 hauskaa, omituinen ja vähän taitava palapelit lapsia arvaamaan ja pyytää
an image of a banner with numbers hanging from it's clothesline to spell out the number thirteen
Jouluperinnekalenteri ja jouluarvoitukset
two cards with an image of a reindeer and the words arvoitus written in german
Jouluperinnekalenteri ja jouluarvoitukset
the menu is written in different languages and features symbols from all over the world on it