Muonio, Lapland, The Aurora Zone

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An unreal photo of a teepee against the vibrantly colored skyline in Muonio, Lapland, known as The Aurora Zone.

Snow-covered tykky-trees in Riisitunturi National Park, Lapland, Finland, by Hanneke Luijiting, on flickr.

in finland’s riisitunturi national park, siberian spruce trees become covered with tykky, a hard rime formed as supercooled water droplets in fog freeze to the windward side of the tree branches.

Oulanka National Park, Kuusamo, Finland

Winter in Oulanka National Park, Kuusamo, Finland, looks like a beautiful travel experience.

Darkness and Moon Kuusamo, Finland

Reminds me of the children's book, I want to be a Christmas tree. Darkness and Moon Kuusamo, Finland - photo by Paavo Hamunen

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