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The spring facilities at a popular health resort complement the wooded surroundings and pack a host of attraction: two outdoor saunas, an “adventure shower,” a terraced outdoor pool, and a sauna bar. Designed by Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, the structure also features a translucent membrane that shields bathers from the neighboring hotel and offers expansive views of the forest valley and river below.
beautiful private sauna with a great mix of light wood and black tiles
sauna,kylpyhuone,pieni sauna
Sauna by Sunsauna - interiors decom
Omatalo Sofia - Sauna | Asuntomessut
Conservatorium Hotel, Sauna, Amsterdam _ by Piero Lissoni _
4 Claves de la decoración de estilo escandinavo de una bonita casa en Finlandia
Wooden sauna accompanied by elegant lighting choices - Villalagos Chakra 11 House in Uruguay by Kallos Turin
Love the lights... home spa :)
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