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Jacob's Coat (Assassins Creed Syndicate)

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Jacob Coat it isn't my place to pin this but i absolutely love the jacket and the only thing keeping me from gaming is the lack of a gaming system and the games so plz, pardon me

The Coolest Assassin’s Creed Jacket

Funny pictures about The Coolest Assassin's Creed Jacket. Oh, and cool pics about The Coolest Assassin's Creed Jacket. Also, The Coolest Assassin's Creed Jacket photos.

assassin's creed hidden blade blueprints (if you'd like to make one). This design belongs to Ammnra.

Recently discovered page on advanced hidden blade design by Leonardo da Vinci's decendant Chris "Ammnra" Myles. ooooor a little fun in Photoshop and . Ammnra Codex Page