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This Man Posted The Six Stages Italy Has Gone Through With The Coronavirus and It's Unsettling Spreading Rumors, Feeling Sick, Emotional Abuse, Health Advice, Has Gone, This Man, Free Stock Photos, Italy, Face

What It Felt Like To Have The Coronavirus

For anyone who may have been a reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I’ve disappeared for a bit. The reason for that? I was dealing with the Coronavirus. We’ve all heard about it by now with it being scattered all over the news and social media. There was a torn opinion…

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Rules For Plus-Size People

If you’ve ever existed in this world as a plus-size person, you’ll know there’s certain rules you’ve been told. Rules such as Don’t wear this, it isn’t flattering or You should eat this instead. Things that seem to dictate what you should do since you don’t seem to fit the vain aesthetic of society. …

Contrary to popular belief, dehydrated and dry skin aren’t the same. While dehydrated skin is a lack of water in your skin, dry skin is a lack of natural oils in your skin. Sensitive Skin Care, Best Moisturizer, The Body Shop, Oily Skin, Good Skin, Natural Skin Care, Natural Oils, Natural Makeup, Natural Beauty

My Skincare Routine For My Dry and Sensitive Skin!

When I was younger, I didn’t realize how important a good skincare routine was. Back then, I really only washed my face using a Dove bar and maybe moisturized with some Pond's cream. Luckily, I was blessed with pretty good genes skin wise so I didn’t suffer too much trouble in my teens. As I…

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Comfort Chic The New Trend For Winter?

A few months ago, when I was researching winter fashion(I tend to change my style around according to the season), I noticed a trend that involved comfort and coziness. It was done in a way though that looked put together and chic, not sloppy at all. It was outfits such as grey sweats with…

5 Makeup Ingredients That Help You Look Great - 5 Makeup Ingredients That Help You Look Great : Are you part of the 44 percent of women who won't leave the house without makeup? Simple Makeup Tips, Best Makeup Tips, Best Makeup Products, Basic Makeup, Dewy Makeup, Makeup Kit, Makeup Hacks, Makeup Tutorials, Mauve Makeup

You Look Better Without Makeup

Growing up, I never really ventured into the world of makeup. I think I may have tried it out briefly around 12 but, out of shyness of what people may think of me, I gave it up. It wasn’t until my early 20's that I picked it back up and really started getting into it.…

This guide will help you make your dorm room bed comfortable and how to utilize it for more storage. These tips are great for college freshman or anyone living in a college dorm room. Cozy Bedroom, Bedroom Decor, Zen Bedrooms, Small Bedrooms, Trendy Bedroom, Modern Bedroom, Bedroom Ideas, Bedroom Inspiration, Master Bedroom

My must haves for a simple minimalist home

Nothing makes me happier than having a home that actually feels like a home. Not a house that’s cold and unwelcoming but a place of peace that’s cozy and inviting. A place that’s chaotic in clutter or too dark in lighting can bring down my mood quickly. To have a place that I love, I…

Ethical fashion is easy to find with this guide featuring 50 ethical clothing brands! Good Woman, Ethical Clothing, Ethical Fashion, Guy Kawasaki, Cheap Designer Clothes, Foto Fashion, Fashion Beauty, Style Fashion, Models

How to add 90s/00s style to your wardrobe

I thought I would dread seeing the 90s and early 2000s make their way back into fashion but I’ve been surprisingly loving it. The mini purses, cargo pants, multiple layers, bright colors and cropped novelty shirts have all slowly incorporated their way back into my wardrobe. I think the major key to…