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Witch mask am I going to put on

Difficult situation - mental illness Bipolar Disorder - people who suffer with this disorder choose the "face" that others will see enabling them to hide their emotions and cover up.

Gabriel Isak Photography - Selected Works

About seven years ago I faced depression for the first time in my life, and around the same time I picked up the camera. Photography allowed me to escape into a

Ophelia would pin this pin because it deals with depression and suicide. It references the historical period of the medieval times and gives statistics on deaths during that period. Ophelia would pin this because the content can further help the reader decide if her death is accidental, natural, or to be ruled suicide.

The spread of ideas through the internet by means of advanced digital technologies occurs at a rate that would have been unprecedented to past generations.


Featuring half of a persons face can be a very intimate and personal image. It can also signify a fragmented personality, in the form of an emotion eg. hurt, guilt, betrayal etc.