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Candlelights, the old Finnish glass serie The Dew Drop (Kastehelmi) that has been in many Finnish homes for years and lived a quite anonymous life 'til today when has a huge revival. Made by iittala

Dish designed by Birger Kaipiainen for Arabia, Finland. 1950's

Pansy dish designed by Birger Kaipiainen for Arabia, Finland.

this is finnish design but feels so zen: designed by Paulinna Aarikka

I got a middle-sized candle holder as a x-mas present and now dreaming about next one. Also a tray appeals to the eye. Finnish design By Aarikka.

Nappula + brass + Iittala + candles

Iittala's delightful Nappula candleholder was designed by Matti Klenell. He drew his inspiration for the round shape from the legs of a peculiar table he saw while visiting the Nuutajärvi glass museum.

Carmen kynttilänjalka-maljakko, candle stick - vase. Tamara Aladin Riihimäki

Tamara Aladin Riihimäki I used to have this very same vase and gave it to a niece.