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Morotsbröd på havregryn, inget vetemjöl

Morotsbröd på havregryn, inget vetemjöl

Hemorrhoids are one of the most annoying and painful diseases you can develop. They occur in an uncomfortable and unreachable area as a result of the swelling of veins and blood vessels around the …

Doctors Still Can Not Find The Explanation: This Simple Remedy Can Cure Your Hemorrhoids In Just 20 Minutes!

Evernia prunastri

Staghorn lichen (Evernia prunastri) will create an electric lilac when placed in a jar with water and ammonia to ferment.

Lichen dyes after drying

Last spring the Pacific Northwest suffered some severe ice storms that brought down big trees and lots of branches. This caused problems for many peop…

Gratis stickmönster

Knitted DROPS Christmas socks in ”Karisma”. ~ DROPS Design One of these days I will learn to knit:)