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a blackboard with writing on it that says hero does good for the right reason anti - villain does evil for the wrong reason
Anti-Hero Vs. Anti-Villain
an image of two men talking to each other in front of the caption that reads, people you control your story, you're the writer you decide what the characters do and where the plot goes
an article about how to describe anger that transcends the page follow the pulse make them act on their anger
How To Describe Anger That Transcends The Page (pt.4)
two young people walking down the street, one with a pink brain on his head
Distractions - Writers Write
some type of text that appears to be in the same language as an email message
the tweet has been written to someone who is writing on their twitter account
OC Interaction Ideas
the text on this page is clearly visible for all to see, but it doesn't appear to be true or false
Writing Tips on Instagram: "Hope this helps!! Join The Writers’ Factory community to meet other inspiring writers! Link is in my bio. Also, follow me @sethwrites for more writing tips/memes :) • • Credit to: @the.plottery • • How’s your wip going so far? • • #amwriting #amediting #novel #editing #writersblock #writerslife #writemotivation #lovewriting #wordporn #writersnetwork #Wip #creativity #nevergiveup #asmsg #amrevising #indieauthors #fantasynovel #fantasy #followfriday #fridayreads #story
two men standing next to each other in front of bookshelves with text that reads, read impressed by the mysterious foreshadowing the author who had no idea those things connected at all
the text reads, being a writer is 5 % creativity and 95 % trying not to use the same word 3 times in one sentence
two people looking at something in front of them with the caption that reads, past me who wrote an amazing idea at 23am
In The Middle Of The Night
In The Middle Of The Night - Writers Write
there are three books on top of each other and one is in the bottom right corner
writing memes / writing woes