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カナダ トロントにある、パターンのデザインスタジオ BellPop が作るマッチ箱。 この前は ほっこりマッチ を収集し ...


Decorative Matches (Set of // NEW @ Lulu & Georgia // I know it may not have a lot do with design, but I am absolutely in love with the colors and geometric patterns.

japanese old matchbox label

vintage matchbox label: vintage Japanese matchbox label 1909 - The Blue Bird Fabric covered books "Yami to Hikari" by Mikihiko Nagata, almos.

いま見ても新鮮デザイン!レトロ感が満載の1900年代 日本の観光PRポスターまとめ – Japaaan 日本の文化と今をつなぐ

Hühne about his new book Airline Visual Identity: and why airline branding used to be so much better than it is today.

大正・昭和前期の非常にデザイン性の高い日本の「マッチ箱ラベル」コレクション40選 - DNA

The bold shapes and colors in these matchbox covers are fantastic examples of Art Deco in Japan. Some of them look like they came straight out of a Paris jazz club but, you know, with more o