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Funeral Potatoes
a spoon full of chili macaroni and cheese with the words easy chili macaroni on it
Easy Chili Mac
Get the best of both worlds with this inexpensive chili mac recipe! It has the creaminess of mac and cheese combined with the bold flavors of ground beef chili.
the middle eastern chicken and rice dish is ready to be eaten
Halal Cart Chicken and Rice (Copycat)
several tortillas stacked on top of each other with sauce and herbs in the background
Armenian Lahmajoun Recipe
some food is laying out on a cutting board with dipping sauces and condiments
20 Minute Thai Basil Beef Rolls.
the best ever shepherdd's pie recipe in a casserole dish
Homemade Shepherd's Pie Recipe (with Tips to Make it Perfect!)
Delicious Cowboy Butter- sure to be a hit!
15min · 4 servings Salted butter - Adds the best flavor to this recipe. You can use room temperature or softened butter, or you can melt it for a smoother consistency in the sauce • Lemon juice and lemon zest • Dijon mustard • Kosher salt & black pepper • Cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes & smoked paprika - For a little bit of heat and smokiness. • Worcestershire sauce - Optional but highly recommended for depth of flavor. • Fresh shallots & garlic - Finely minced. • Fresh parsley, cilantro, green onions & thyme - We load this sauce up with fresh herbs. You can use some dried ingredients instead, and feel free to swap in your favorite herbs in place of the ones we used.
Italian Grinder Salad Sandwich - TikTok Viral Recipe!
greek meatballs with spinach and fettuccine are served in white bowls
Greek Turkey Meatballs with Spinach and Feta