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an islamic text with the sun setting in the background and arabic writing on it, which reads
Suraj nikalne se pehla bimari khatam
an arabic text in black and white
Proven and Tested Wazifa for MEMORY POWER
an advertisement with arabic writing on the front and back of it, which is also in english
an advertisement for the sun foundation in pakistan, with arabic writing and english translation on it
Ramazan azkar
an advertisement for pakistan's national day celebrations in english and arabic, with the caption
Shaitan se bachne ke kiye.70000 farishte.surah no 6
an article in the islamic textbook on how to pray for men and women, with arabic text
#Namaz mn #Susti #Ilaj #Islamic #Blessings
an arabic text with the words in two languages, and one has been written on it
Dua ki Qaboliat k liyee
an advertisement for children's books in english and arabic, with the caption
#Farmanbardar #Aulad #ALLAH Blessings
an arabic text written in two languages
لازوال حافظہ اور بے مثال یاداشت page:3
an arabic text on green background with black and white writing in two languages, one is written