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Believe me Dick, if you need some comfort, you're not going to find it in alcohol. You need some medicine, fruitcake!

In love with this, thought it might validate a few others as well! Artist is Megan Fabbri, she's very talented and fun : mentalhealth

Permanently exhausted pigeon

Artist Suffering from Anxiety & Depression Turns Her Life into Funny Illustrations

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics

Though I couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled from my mouth, I measured it out with an expertly done eye roll. "You're insane." To that Terry replied with a little smile, "Yes, I put the hot in psychotic don't I?

Artist Suffering From Anxiety And Depression Illustrates Her Life In Hilarious Comics

There's nothing funny about depression or anxiety, but some sufferers find humor to be a good way of dealing with the daily struggles of living with such mood