Vintage Iittala -- I have this bowl :)

Vintage iittala Finland Ultima Thule Tapio Wirkkala Finnish Art Glass Bowl from SanDiegoVintage etsy. This sits on my coffee table filled with potpourri.

Iitala's Ultima Thule by Tapio Wirkkala

Iitala's Ultima Thule by Tapio Wirkkala. Pinned by a Taste Setter…


Iittala's delightful Nappula candleholder was designed by Matti Klenell. He drew his inspiration for the round shape from the legs of a peculiar table he saw while visiting the Nuutajärvi glass museum.

Iittala products

Ego cups on Iittala Kastehelmi plate with carafe in these timeless designs.

Tapio Wirkkala, Ultima Thule glassware for Iittala.

Tapio Wirkkala, Ultima Thule glassware for Iittala. Who would guess that this glass serie would be popular again? I always thought as a child that that was a clumpsy design, but today I can appreciate it more.

Iittala Mariskooli

Beautiful Iittala quality glassware in magnificent colours at interiorz

Iittala-Marimekko bowl

I am graced to have this lovely bowl, thanks for my host family.

Ultima Thule red wine glass, design by Tapio Wirkkala.

iittala Ultima Thule Stemmed Red Wine - Set of 2 - iittala Ultima Thule.I collect these glasses