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Low EMF Infrared Sauna - Advantages & Available Models

JOULUSAUNAAN – Pihkala | Meillä kotona

yhteistyössä Lapuan Kankurit Ei epäilystäkään, joulusauna on varmasti eräs suomalaisen joulun rakastetuimpia…

The sympathetic Moomin mamma is painting the walls for a upcoming party in our adorable kitchen towel set Moomin Shop, Tove Jansson, Finding Neverland, Little My, Typography Prints, Cartoon Images, Towel Set, Scandinavian Design, Marimekko

Aidosti kauniit asiat ovat kauniita myös sisältä. - Finlayson

Meillä kauneus tulee sisältä ja uskomme, että teoillamme rakennamme hieman kauniimman maailman. Teot tarkoittavat laadukkaiden tuotteiden suunnittelua, kiinnostusta ekolo

Finnish wool blankets by Masaru Suzuki - Adorable lamb print and Eames Rocker dekorieren Decorating Kids Rooms with Textiles ⋆ Handmade Charlotte Eames Rocker, Kid Spaces, Kids Bedroom, Kids Rooms, Bedroom Wall, Bedroom Decor, Wool Blanket, Baby Room, Interior Design

Wool blanket with an illustration of a sheep - Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids are glad to have in their collection a product that has timeless value and looks modern at the same time. The perfect wool blanket is to be showcased prominently at home, either as a full bedspread or for relaxation in the living room or the kids’ room. The black&white graphic design is made by Finish family business whose history in the textile industry stretches back to their first factory in 1917. This product tells a story of true values and respect for craft and nature.

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Let´s welcome Christmas! -------- Tervetuloa Joulu!

Soon it will be Christmas again. Are you ready yet? I’m not, although I started my preparations early in the year. But that’s just the way it goes... We just finished one of our best partner campaigns together with Iittala and with a Christmas theme. It was all about how we see it and how it makes us feel. Susanna and Rilla were also involved in the campaign. We will have a steady stream of posts, four from each of us but from very different perspectives. My own styling started off at home…

Moomin Night bed linen from Finlayson by Finlayson, Tove Jansson


Finlayson Iltamuumi bed linen set I Iltamuumi-pussilakanasetti 48 €

autumn spa & sauna with Lapuan Kankurit Finland

MAIJU SAW | Bloglovin’

Use Bloglovin’ & never miss a post from the home decor blog MAIJU SAW by Maiju Saw.

Architectural Textile Patterns - Kotona by Anu Kanervo, Finlayson: Inspired by floorplans of the Finnish metropolitan area. Simple Geometric Designs, Design Your Own Home, Graphic Design Pattern, Design Research, Home Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Deco Furniture, Retail Design, Soft Furnishings

Kotona-pussilakanasetti | Sisustusblogi

Anu Kanervon suunnittelema Kotona-kuosi on pirteä ilmestys. Kuosi kertoo tarinaa helsinkiläiskodeista, joiden arkkitehtuuri on selkeää ja avaraa. Sopivasti väriä ja tilaa mielikuvitukselle. Tuijotelle

Anu Pentik, founder of the interior company Pentik. Woman of inspiration.

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Pentik is an international interior design retailer, who wants to bring northern beauty and cosiness to homes.

Moomin Bath The bright colors and friendly characters on our selection of Moomin Bath accessories are sure to make bath time fun for kids and adults alike. Shop towels and cosmetic bags to store toiletries in bath.

"They love the laughter and they love the living, the Moomins..." how do you like our renewed Moomin towels? || "...muumeiltä elämää oppia voi, hei muumit!" Mitä mieltä olette uudistuneista muumi-pyyhkeistä?

KIVI towel in linen-tencel and ONNI slippers in linen terry. Woven by Lapuan Kankurit in Finland

Odotettu joulusauna! Christmas! KIVI towels in washed linen-tencel terry. Made by Lapuan Kankurit.

Bold bedding: Moomins duvet cover sets for kids by Finlayson - Junior Hipster


The Viidakkomuumi duvet set in this Springs hues 50€ | Viidakkomuumi lakanasetti tämän kevään väreissä 50€

Finlayson Niityllä Duvet cover set | Niityllä-satiinipussilakanasetti 65 €


Finlayson Niityllä Duvet cover set | Niityllä-satiinipussilakanasetti 65 €

Finlayson Kaj Franck Puntteli Apron | Puntteli-kokoessu 25 €

Finlayson Kaj Franck Puntteli Apron | Puntteli-kokoessu 25 €