Moomin Mugs : Sniff

Sniff (Swedish: Sniff, Finnish: Nipsu) Sniff is one of the first characters introduced in the Moomin series.

Moomintroll, Moomin, Tove Jansson

Moomintroll ( Swedish: Mumintrollet, Finnish: Muumipeikko ) Also known as just Moomin.

Moomin Mugs : Too-Ticky

Too-Ticky (Swedish: Too-ticki, Finnish: Tuutikki) Too-Ticky is recognizable by her striped shirt, dark pants and bobble hat.

Moomin Mugs : Hemulen

Moomin Mugs : Hemulen

Moomin Mugs : Stinky

Stinky (Swedish: Stinky, Finnish: Haisuli) Stinky is known as the brown hairy thing that lives in the woods.

Little My

Little My (Swedish: Lilla My , Finnish: Pikku Myy ) Little My is a little firecracker.


Moominpappa ( Swedish: Muminpappan, Finnish: Muumipappa) The father of the family, Moominpappa was orphaned in his younger year.

Moomin Mugs : Fillyjonk

Fillyjonk lives with her three children in Moominvalley.


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Moomin Mugs : Snufkin

Moomin Mugs : Snufkin


Moominmamma ( Swedish: Muminmamman, Finnish: Muumimamma) She is the calm mother of Moomintroll and better half of Moominpappa.