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two people walking down a dirt road with an umbrella over their heads and a dog on the other side
an image of two people with cats and dogs
Sam Toft's Very Own Website
a painting of two people standing on top of a hill with trees in the background
Squeeze Amid the Trees, Sam Toft Canvas Print
a drawing of two people and a dog with a windmill in the background, one is looking at another person
a painting of two people shaking hands with a penguin
a drawing of a woman with a dog in front of a green door
an old painting with two people and a dog on the bottom one is wearing a red coat
Search Results sam toft
a drawing of a person with a suitcase and a dog
a painting of a woman pushing a stroller next to a tree with leaves on it
Sy hou van ….
a painting of two people sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean under a full moon
It's Only a Pretty Moon - Collier & Dobson
an image of a painting with cats and birds on the line in front of it
Sam Toft, one of Britain's best loved artists