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Archery was once views the same as any other form of combat. However, since the war broke out, archery has been largely banned. As an art typically associated with Ghrian Fae elves, the tribes didn't want any association with them.

Listening to emotional music while looking through pictures of these two. Really bad idea. *Cries*

It was the celebration of springtime as he watched her walk amongst the crowd with her hands busy in front of her, her blue garland perched regally on her gold tresses. He admired the happy glow that.

King & Queen of Mirkwood (plus the little Prince) You know what? I just pinned this one other time. But honestly, I don't care. Seriously. This. Is. The. Best.

The happy family before the time of war. Please send me some Thranduil and his wife art prompts. I’m depressed ⟶ here

Jméno: Sereneii Carlucci Profese : Věk : M.Pozice : R.Pozice: Víra : Mag. potencial : Rodiče:

Lady Serenei of Lys, also called Sweet Serenei, was the ninth and last mistress of Aegon IV Targaryen. There was one child of their union, Shiera Seasta.

Flavio Bolla - Environment Concept Artist and Illustrator:

Flavio Bolla - Environment Concept Artist and Illustrator. this is probably my favorite piece because i think the way the artist has made the image seem very simple effective.