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Easy Puerto Rican-Style Beans Recipe | The Kitchn Puerto Rican Beans Recipe, Spanish Beans Recipe, Easy Puerto Rican Recipes, Beans And Rice Recipes, Homemade Sofrito, Vegetarian Bean Recipes, Mexican Sides, Puerto Rican Beans, Mexican Beans
I Make These Easy Puerto Rican Beans All Summer Long (They Never Last More Than 10 Minutes!)
Easy Puerto Rican-Style Beans Recipe | The Kitchn
sliced pork on a cutting board with lemons and parsley in the background text reads juicy cuban mojo marinated pork
Cuban Mojo Pork from The Food Charlatan
Cuban Roasted Mojo Pork from The Food Charlatan. A traditional Cuban roasted pork recipe that is very simple, yet packed with tons of flavor! There is nothing to this pork except an amazing marinade, but it is some of the best meat I've ever put in my mouth. It's fresh, citrusy, garlicky, fall-apart tender, and so darn juicy. And I mean, just look at that delicious crust! Does it get any better than that? This Cuban pork recipe takes a quick 10 minutes to prep. Is your mouth watering, too?
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two plates with lasagna casserole on them, one has meat and cheese
Pastelon (Plantain Lasagna)
​​ ​​ Pastelon (Plantain Lasagna) - Immaculate Bites
a white plate topped with mini stuffed potatoes covered in cheese and green onion sprinkles
I Tried Piononos for the First Time and They Were So Much Better than I’d Imagined
I Tried Piononos for the First Time and They Were So Much Better than I’d Imagined | Kitchn
a bowl filled with rice and beans on top of a checkered table cloth next to a spoon
Cuban-Style Arroz Congrí Recipe
The combination of white rice and black beans is a Cuban staple Black beans served on top of or next to white rice is most commonly called Moros y Cristianos, a reference to the medieval battle between Islamic Moors and Christian Spaniards on the Iberian Peninsula When rice and beans are mixed with sautéed aromatic vegetables and sometimes bits of pork, the result is called congrí
two bowls filled with rice, meat and vegetables
Turkey Picadillo
Turkey Picadillo is a lighter alternative to traditional my favorite Cuban beef picadillo recipe, only much leaner, and of course made with ground turkey instead. #groundturkey #groundturkeyrecipes #picadillo #healthyrecipe #healthyturkeyrecipes #dinnerrecipes #healthyrecipes #weightwatcherrecipes #lowcalorierecipes #glutenfreerecipes
the menu for mojo chicken with oranges and limes
Mojo Chicken (Oven, Air Fryer, or Grill)
This Cuban-inspired Mojo Chicken recipe is packed with garlicky citrus flavor! It’s super delicious and versatile—you can make it in the oven, air fryer, or on the grill using easy to find ingredients. Plus, it’s naturally keto-friendly, Whole30, paleo, and gluten-free! #chickenrecipe #paleo #keto #whole30 #healthychickenrecipes #airfryer
a white bowl filled with rice and sausage on top of a blue table cloth next to a wooden spoon
Spanish Coconut Rice
Puerto Rican Vienna Coconut Rice | Latina Mom Meals
black beans in a blue bowl with cilantro and lime garnish on top
Instant Pot Cuban Black Beans
Cuban black beans are a bold and flavorful bean recipe. With onion, garlic, and amazing spices, this recipe can't be beat! #Cubanrecipes #Cubanbeans #blackbeans #beans
mexican rice and beans in a skillet with avocado on the side next to tomatoes
Moros y Cristianos (Congrí)
Moros y Cristianos (Congrí) - Traditional Cuban Recipe | 196 flavors
the meat has been cut up and is ready to be served on the cutting board
Pernil Recipe
Pernil Recipe - NYT Cooking
french toast with powdered sugar on top and coffee in the background, sitting on a table
Baked Rum Coconut French Toast (Coquito Baked French Toast)
Coquito Baked French Toast | Easy baked french toast soaked overnight in an egg and Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Nog) custard. | The Noshery
8h 55m
two plates filled with lasagna casserole on top of a wooden table
Pastelon (Puerto Rican Sweet Plantain Lasagna)
Pastelon (Puerto Rican Sweet Plantain Lasagna)