great use of space for a small bedroom.the headboard does double duty as room divider for privacy and is also a dresser with tons of storage on the backside.

blissfulb - bliss blog - shareen joel

Have wanted to do this headboard /shelf idea for ages! shareen joel's nailed it at her weekender via inside out


love the grey slate with white. And how painting that short accent wall a dark grey gives the feel of having a "headboard".


Eco-friendly furniture maker Oeuf designs a brilliant piece of bunk bed with special facilities for kids. The stylish and chic Oeuf Perch bunk bed will have varied uses in an urban family’s bed room. The brand new Oeuf bunk bed is designed to be.

baldaquin moderne + rangements caches

Great way to achieve a separate room feeling for a bed in a loft-like or single room space. Also includes storage in under bed drawers, storage cupboards at the end of the unit and built-in storage niches.


Sunny new homewares from Country Road I absolutely love the gray and yellow color scheme


I would bring style and design the the wall and resy of the room, but I kinda like the Idea for this bed. For a younger person/ couple


Attic space: light colours, I particularly like the grey wooden floor. The bed would look lovely on pallets painted in white or black.

I really like this modern black and white house in Florence. I LOVE black floors with crisp white walls, but if this were my place.