Kawaii anime dolls (Azone/bjd/DD/Smart Doll)

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a doll with pink hair sitting on the floor
a doll with blonde hair wearing a dress and hat
a doll is posed in front of a display
two dolls that are standing next to each other
˗ˏˋ꒰🍥 ꒱
a doll sitting next to a chocolate cake
a doll with long blonde hair wearing a blue and white dress in a pink room
a doll is standing in the middle of a city street with her hands on her hips
Smart Dolls
a doll with blue hair wearing overalls and stockings
a doll dressed in a blue and white dress holding a shopping bag with her right hand
Anime Doll Room Wear, Anime Doll, Big Eyes Doll, Glam Doll
Anime Doll
two dolls are dressed in bunny ears and dresses