Finland / A young strange magictimelord from Finland who lives in the Shire and who graduated from Hogwarts and is a consultive detective fighting Daleks with Mjölnir.
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WHOVIANS...RISE! IT IS TIME FOR GLORIOUS BATTLE. #givethewhoviansbacktheirday

The Doctors Sonic Screwdrivers through out the years. From left to right The Doctors Sonic Screwdriver created in his final story The War Games.

How come we didn't think this before? Holmies united!

WE ARE NOW HOLMIES ~ Spread the word.>>>Sorry to disappoint but I prefer being called a Sherlockian>>>I like Holmie way better. I am now a Holmie:)


The fandom life.this is like so true . Thought I don't know bout the hell part