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5 Easy Daily Detox Routines

Healthy detox in the body rests on a nourishing diet and stress management. We can, however, utilize additional safe and gentle methods to support our body’s detox processes. For more details on each step, visit : 5 Easy Daily Detox Routines ***** shares

Black Sauna for me please!!

Black sauna- My shou sugi ban bathroom will have this look! plus the mercury glass wall :)

Bellicon Rebounders An Ideal Exercise Strategy

Bellicon Rebounders An Ideal Exercise Strategy for Preventing Osteoporosis. I've got a rebounder and need to use it more.

Gil Jacobs on the importance of colonics

Gil Jacobs talks about the importance of colincs. He has his own colonic center in the East Village and can be reached at

Always sit down to your meals and fresh flowers go a long way in elevating your mood!

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