CIELITO ® Package design <3

CIELITO ® --Lovely Package-- CB - towards the bottom of the pin i like the bags and glass jars.

Food for Thought Packaging Concept

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Really great idea for displaying packaging/ package design on a can. Food for Thought Packaging Concept

Hii hii! By lucy hawkins

student milk carton designs: interesting take on flavored milk. i seriously want to try this banana milk! by Lucy Hawkins

AWESOME! Arizona Iced Tea Vodka - Ricky Linn PD

Arizona Iced Tea Vodka - Not a fan of Arizona logo but I like the packaging - combination of patterns

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project) by Benjamin Kranzusch.. Oh my <3

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project)

Holy Cow Dairy (Student Project) Designer: Benjamin Kranzusch Location: Dortmund / Germany Project Type: Student Project by geraldine

Milkbar Cheese Brie I LOVE THE DESIGN!!

Milkbar Cheese

Milkbar Cheese A fresh and bold line of cheeses that are crafted with only the finest of ingredients, Milkbar products are designed to stand out. These artisan quality cheese exude personality and are.

9 Suns identity by Arthur Foliard

9 Suns / Award : Gold Lion at Cannes - Arthur Foliard / Brand Identity / Graphic Design