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an animal with a cape on it's back and the words cullen the alpaca above it
Ukrop's Art — Me: 4am already, time to get some sleep Brain:...
the cross is made up of red squares
Dragon_Age_Kirkwall by Mbutler12 on Kandi Patterns
two people sitting at a table talking to each other
an image of a video game being played on the nintendo wii, with text that reads ugh solas help and delete anchor point tool
the comic strip shows two different scenes
Have you considered #funnyvideos
the comic strip shows different stages of writing and drawing, including one being an airplane
a man sitting on a chair with different poses
Madame Badger: Photo
a drawing of a woman in black and white with the word queen above her head
Let it Go by AlexielApril on DeviantArt
I can't stop...
two men are drinking drinks and one is looking at his phone
#my-son | don't! try to find me again thnx
dorian-trash: The result of this Headcanon: They went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Got lost.
an ad for the video game dermatologistists hate him, featuring two men with different facial expressions
Obsession Status: Dragon Age: Photo
"Don't do lyrium, kids" #dragonage #cullen
two cartoon characters with different expressions, one saying unresolved and the other saying feelings
What about the CASKS, chief?