The first lesson

Singer Sewing Machine ad called The First Lesson. My mother had the same sewing machine with the treadle.

Vintage sewing postcard

vintage sewing lady sitting at a sewing machine that we would love to repurpose in 2015


Learned to sew on my Mom's portable Singer sewing machine just like this one.she has her grandmother's Singer sewing machine in a cabinet - there were only 3 made at that time.

sewing postcard

Anne sewing postcard-- I'd like to have this in large print for my sewing room! I love her hair.

Cute Vintage Sewing Machine Poster

thecatart: Vintage Sowing Machines Coudre Gnome Et Rhone Fashion Cat Giclee Art Print Stretched Canvas Option cat pictures art

Modern Priscilla 1925

March, 1925 cover art for Modern Priscilla by John Holmgren in today’s world, nothing is worth 20 cents!

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