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two colorful paper butterflies sitting next to each other on a white surface with clouds in the background
How to Make Classic Coffee Filter Butterflies
These classic coffee filter butterflies are SO EASY and so beautiful! This is such a great summer craft idea for kids and a fun low mess activity! It's easy. It's relatively low mess. It's even a bit of a science experiment when you wet the coffee filter and watch the colours blend!
two white flowers on a light blue background
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2. kerta - 8.9. Vanupuikoilla tuputetaan voikukkia.
colorful origami birds hanging from strings
Recycled Egg Carton Flower Mobile
A Flower mobile made from recycled egg carton. Painted with watercolors. Fun Earth Day project.
three colorful butterflies on a white background with purple border around the edges, and one has two black pins in it's wings
Askartelu – Sinelli Oy – askartelutarvikkeiden verkkokauppa. Nyt yli 12 000 tuotenimikettä
Sormileimailu on helppoa ja hauskaa puuhaa!
a mobile made out of paper with colorful butterflies hanging from it's sides in the shape of a cloud
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