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#wattpad #fanfic ''WOW...ESTAS FLORES SON GENIALES''   ''Jajaja..Lo se''   ''Te digo algo''   ''que cosa?''   ''Te amo...''

Read Capitulo from the story Te amo,lo sabes? 【Goth x Palette】 by (Odio respirar) with reads.

UnderVerse AU - Cross Sans the forgotten one

These are just Pictures that I found of different Sans and Papyrus. I don't own any of the pictures. If there is a certain Sans or Papyrus you want me to post.

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"The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.

All the fallen childre  and their storys  :3

Even thought Toby said this isn't what happened to the human souls, its a neat idea. undertale, undertail, animu>>>> does anybody else always wonder what sort of soul they would have?

Anonymous said: UT Papyrus using a fleshlight on Sans Answer: ????????

Shop Keeper, Grillby, Inn Keeper, Gerson, Temmie, Napstablook, Sans, Muffet, Nice Cream Guy, Bratty, Burgerpants, Catty

Sellers or workers of each part in undertake. That gave either a significance to the story or just made you question or laugh.

Idk if that's fontcest with fell there.... if it is then fuck off but if it isn't then okay sure that's fine, the rest is cute.

Idk if that's fontcest with fell there. if it is then fuck off but if it isn't then okay sure that's fine, the rest is cute.<<< I think its just brotherly affection, which is rare to see when it comes to fell

Undertale,фэндомы,horrortale,Undertale AU,Sans,Undertale персонажи,aliza (horrortale),Undertale комикс,без перевода

I don't normally share horror tale stuff but I love the way the artist draws sans EPW

sense I reached the max amount of chapters last book I'm making another one ^w^! and I've seen a lot.

swapfell undertale - Buscar con Google

I my God, i love swapfell