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No Pink Spandex » Power Rangers Dino Charge – New Photos and Character Names!
a green and yellow robot that is standing up
Rumble Tusk Zord
the power rangers are standing in front of a building
Power Rangers Dino Gigaforce by ThePeoplesLima on DeviantArt
a toy robot that is standing in the air
Ressha Gattai ToQ-Oh
an action figure is shown in blue and has a large hammer on it's arm
Power Rangers - Mixx N Morph Dino Charge Graphite Ranger Action Figure
Gabu, Power Rangers Megazord Toys, Power Rangers Ninja, Robot Toy
a green and yellow toy airplane next to a tube of toothpaste
Raptor Zord
a blue and yellow plastic toy that looks like a dinosaur
Beast power squadron Kyo Liu jar dragon beast power series 03 Ankidon (japan import)
a toy that is in the shape of a t - rex with a chain attached to it
a young boy standing in front of many stuffed animals and smiling at the camera with his thumbs up
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